Directors Desk

Sonam Agarwal

Dear Parents/Guardians & Students,

Education is the only way to develop and change mindset of society. With this regards secondary and higher secondary level of education plays a very vital role. Headway Academy has already started to train and inculcate knowledge in students to achieve their aims. Headway Academy is committed to build intellectual curiosity and strong moral character of students. Moreover Headway is equipped with talented, dedicated and qualified team of teachers.

Lastly I believe that moulding student is a team effort. I appeal to our teachers, parents and student to walk hand in hand so that we can create well educated generation.

Warm Regards

Prof. Sonam Agarwal


Hey! My lovely students, wishing for your healthy body and sound mind. Learning is a less understood concept by even the most educated classes of the world. Learning isn’t all about reading books and giving exams. One can learn from everything he or she comes across. I will give you an example, have you ever observed an infant? How do they learn? Definitely not from books, they learn from their careful observation, careful guidance of the parents and above all they actually practice doing the same thing again and again until perfect. That’s exactly what we want you to do at Headway Academy under our careful guidance and motivation.

                At Headway Academy you will receive quality education from qualified teachers. You will develop curiosity while learning and always be encouraged to ask doubts if any. Dear students and parents we all together can create a positive learning environment for collective success of all.

“Dare to take one step forward many more will follow”


Deepesh Sir

Managing Director

Deepesh Agarwal